Over 100 House Democrats Urge Biden to Extend More Rights to Migrants

House Democrats urge President Biden to grant more rights to illegal immigrants, including bypassing the 150-day wait for work permits and reducing visa wait times.

Over 100 House Democrats have written to President Joe Biden, urging him to grant more rights to illegal immigrants.

The letter, also addressed to the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, lists three main demands: executive action for certain undocumented individuals and asylum seekers to obtain work authorization, bypassing the 150-day wait period for asylum seekers to apply for work permits, and reducing the wait times for provisional immigrant visas.

The Democrats also seek a simplified process for undocumented individuals facing deportation to terminate their removal proceedings.

This move is against the backdrop of cities like New York grappling with a surge in illegal immigrants, with Mayor Eric Adams expressing deep concern over the situation.

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