YouTube Is Now Actively Removing Every One Of Trump’s New Videos

Big tech is taking it another step further by removing every one of Trump's videos that has essential information for supporters.
YouTube Is Now Actively Removing Every One Of Trump’s New Videos

If you thought big tech censorship was getting bad, they were just getting started. YouTube has now decided they have the authority to remove all of President Trump’s new videos. This is strategically being done at a time the president is trying to get important information out to supporters.

YouTube is removing new posts that are urging followers to call legislators in key swing states, stating a “violation of YouTube’s terms of service” as the reason.

Twitter has done a similar thing, marking almost all of Trump’s tweets as “disinformation”.

Twitter implemented new rules prior to the election to allow censoring of Trump’s tweets without banning him – which would be illegal since he’s a world leader. Major tech companies want to control the world and all of the information that we consume, and this is just another demonstration.

This is an outright attack on truth and free speech that will only get Trump’s message to spread further.

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4 months ago

Maybe Trump needs to grow up and stop throwing a childish fit.

Actual Truth
Actual Truth
4 months ago
Reply to  Truth

Maybe you should wake the hell up and open your eyes to all the fraud you clown. How can so many people have eyes yet cant see and ears yet cant hear? I feel sorry for people like you who are so brainwashed…

Last edited 4 months ago by Actual Truth

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