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AFLOE needs members for its new Facebook group.

Americans For Logic Over Emotions now has an official Facebook group. If you support our president we would love to see you join. We would like it to be a place for discussion and to share relevant articles and clips with one another. The only way we can grow the group is if everyone invites a few friends. Our goal is to become the largest right-leaning political group on Facebook. Please be respectful to every member of the group, and have fun. If you are interested you can click the link below to view or join our group.

Sharing our articles helps AFLOE survive and thrive. Thank you for reading.

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Americans For Logic Over Emotions

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Our mission is to expose many of the misconceptions that are spread around left-wing media. We believe in high quality and relevant content. While we understand emotions are important, we believe logic and facts should be the main factor used to determine policy.
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