Dramatic “Anti-American Left” Ad Exposes ANTIFA

The past few months have shown a lot about our country. It has exposed the growing number of traitors and anarchists that want to tear down everything we stand for. According to their own created history, American has always been a racist and evil place. In their minds, the only way to repair this history is by ransacking and terrorizing minority communities. They try to hide under a false narrative that they are “anti-fascist” while physically harming anyone who doesn’t agree with their extreme agenda. These people are not fighting for justice or peace, they are terrorists and criminals. We need a president that will continue to stand up to these violent hate groups.

The average American may not be following all of the chaos that has been going on on the streets on a daily basis. We would like to bring light to this ongoing crisis by making videos to show the true destruction of these terror groups. Joe Biden and many on the left have been hesitant to condemn the rioters. Many believe the ongoing tension may help democrats leading into the election.

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