Utah’s Special Election Sees Pro-Biden Republican Facing Defeat

In Utah's special election, Becky Edwards, a GOP critic of Trump, narrowly lost to Celeste Maloy. Edwards, who voted for Biden in 2020, faced challenges due to her stances and refusal to debate.

In the recent special election for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, former state legislator Becky Edwards, a Republican critic of Donald Trump who voted for Joe Biden in 2020, narrowly lost to Celeste Maloy, a congressional staffer endorsed by Republican Rep. Chris Stewart.

Edwards had previously led in public polls and was on track to become the only House GOP member to admit voting for Biden. However, her stance on certain issues and refusal to debate opponents led to her defeat.

Maloy, who faced legal challenges over her voting record, will now advance to the general election against Democrat state Sen. Kathleen Riebe.

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