U.S. Officials Raise Alarm Over Chinese Nationals Accessing Sensitive Sites

Chinese nationals have been gaining unauthorized access to U.S. military bases and other sensitive sites, raising concerns of potential espionage activities, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The Wall Street Journal has reported a concerning trend of unauthorized entries by Chinese nationals into U.S. military bases and other sensitive federal sites. Citing U.S. officials, the incidents are described as potential forms of espionage.

Most of these incursions occurred in rural areas, far from tourist attractions and commercial airports. In some cases, individuals were found scuba diving off Cape Canaveral or taking photos near an intelligence center in Key West, Florida.

Last year, a review was held by the U.S. Department of Defense, FBI, and other agencies to address these security breaches. Officials believe these incidents are designed to test U.S. security measures. The FBI has labeled China as the “greatest long-term counterintelligence threat” to the U.S.

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