Trump Supporters Continue To Show Democrats What A Peaceful Protest Looks Like

When will Democrats finally learn that burning cities and beating up elderly people doesn't help their cause?

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters gathered in the most anti-American Trump-hating part of the country, Washington, D.C. And to no one’s surprise, not one building was burnt down. But why is it that when Republicans get together it’s about unity and love for our country, and when Democrats get together it’s about hate and tearing down our great country?

Part of this is because a majority of Democrats have been brainwashed by Democrat ran liberal media for over a decade now. These are the same dopes that think Obama “did a good job” and that “Trump is a bad person” because the TV told them so. The hate and division their handlers manipulate them to feel creates them to truly act like animals when they don’t get their way. One of the other main issues is the lack of morals held by a majority of Democrats and people who hate Trump.

This difference is glaring in many areas like how Republicans respect family values and religion and Democrats despise them. Democrats want to remove our history and take away opportunity and freedom, things that we as Americans need. If you don’t want to learn about what’s going on in the world, just opening your eyes should do the trick.

This is what a peaceful protest looks like.

Just sit back and imagine how the leftist animals will act when Trump is president for 4 more years. Do you really think they will be peaceful? I hope no one is foolish enough to answer yes.

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