Trump Hosts Blexit Supporters At White House After Marching Through D.C.

President Trump hosted high profile conservative commentator Candace Owens and Blexit supporters at the white house for a speech. This was his first public appearance since testing positive for the coronavirus. It was estimated that anywhere between 400-2,000 people attended, depending what news source you listen to. The the real number was probably somewhere right in the middle. There were reports pushed that a few hundred of the attendees were paid to attend the event. While many left-leaning networks tried to push the narrative they only attended for money, organizer Candace Owners cleared the air explaining that a handful of the attendees needed travel stipends.

It continues what seems to be an all-out rejection from the left of all minorities that do not fit in line with their agenda. They believe conservative minorities are just paid sellouts and aren’t willing to understand where they come from.

The event was a huge success and showed that there is still hope in our country. Early on it started out as a march through the streets. Most attendees had MAGA hats and were all wearing baby blue Blexit shirts to show support. Many American and thin blue line flags were being flown, and there were constant chants of “Back The Blue”, “Blue Lives Matter”, and “All Lives Matter”.

All of the attendees were peaceful and had a strong message of support for law enforcement. Instead of burning property, attacking innocent people, and ransacking local businesses, those who attended showed how to peacefully protest for a cause. The sentiment in the crowd is very different than many of the other groups protesting recently around the country. These are patriotic Americans who love their country and want it to be safe and free for as long as possible. You will never see this group burning an American flag. You will hear them singing the star-spangled banner, which I guess to some nowadays could be considered offensive.

Many in attendance shared their reasons for supporting the Blexit movement.

After marching through the streets the group gathered on the lawn of the White House. Some were showing up on the lawn 3 hours early to show their support for the president. During his speech, the now common “WE LOVE YOU!” chant erupted in the crowd.

The chant has become a common occurrence at rallies, showing how much love Trump still has from his base nearing the end of his first term. No matter what side of the isle you are, good luck finding a crowd of people chant they love Joe Biden. You can’t, and it is understandable when talking about someone with a past as disturbing and corrupt as Joe Biden.

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