Trump and GOP Rival Ramaswamy to Attend Iowa’s Big Football Game Ahead of 2024 Caucus

Former President Donald Trump plans to attend the high-profile football game between Iowa State and the University of Iowa, signaling his strong focus on the state ahead of the 2024 GOP nomination.

Former President Donald Trump is gearing up to attend the highly anticipated football game between Iowa State University and the University of Iowa, hosted this year by the Iowa State Cyclones in Ames.

This visit will mark Trump’s sixth trip to Iowa in the current year, highlighting the state’s significance in the upcoming Republican presidential nominating caucuses scheduled for January.

Trump’s presence in Iowa has been consistent and strategic; he leads his GOP rivals by a wide margin in recent caucus polls, despite facing four criminal indictments related to his actions during the 2020 election.

Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who is also vying for the 2024 GOP nomination, has announced plans to attend the same game.

Trump’s frequent visits to Iowa, including four trips over the summer and private meetings with evangelical ministers, suggest a focused effort to secure support in this key early-voting state. His next scheduled appearance is at a South Dakota Republican Party dinner on Friday, just a day before the Iowa game.

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