The Storming Of The Capitol Was Justified And Also Infiltrated

Storming the capitol showed that Americans will only put up with so much from their government, sadly it was a hijacked event.

After watching two months of the election fraud battle rage on, millions of Americans were eager to show up in Washington, D.C. to contest the certification of the election.

Early in the day the massive crowd peacefully but passionately gathered to listen to many speakers including Trump. After the speech, the plan was to march to the capitol building and give encouragement to Republicans contesting the election.

Trump specifically asked for the protest to be peaceful yet the media is lying like always and is saying Trump told supporters to storm the capitol and riot. This is yet another blatant and destructive lie that millions of uneducated and brainwashed citizens will believe.

The main issue with yesterday is that it was overrun by two opposing extremist groups. Yes, many of the people who broke into the capitol building were Trump supporters. But they were not the people causing destruction and mayhem.

After the dust settled and people started digging for information, it was clear that there were a heavy Antifa and neo-Nazi presence in D.C. throughout the day. Posts of Antifa groups telling supporters to dress in Trump gear and cause chaos have been spreading around along with white supremacist groups celebrating the moment.

These groups took advantage of the anger Americans were feeling about the stolen election and used it to start trouble. No one should be causing mayhem just to cause mayhem and provoke violence.

I actually agree with storming the capital, but only if you were doing it for the right reason. Many in the mainstream media have supported the violent riots throughout the summer saying that it is sometimes necessary to prove your point.

Why does this same logic not apply to the Americans in fear of a fraudulent election being certified and the threat it poses to our republic?

Americans have a reason to be angry, seeing a fraudulent election take place and become certified isn’t something many expect to see in their lifetime, especially in a country like ours. Many leaders in our government did little to assure the integrity of the election to the tens of millions of Americans and freedom fighters around the world who know there was widespread fraud.

Imagine being a country that looks up to the United States seeing a fraudulent election become certified. Now consider that the man replacing him has a history of sexually assaulting children and beats women. Many on the left see this as a way to get ourselves respected internationally, but anyone who isn’t sick knows most people around the world don’t promote these things like they do.

Storming the capitol showed that Americans will only put up with so much and demonstrated the true power of Trump’s movement. People that were there purely to cause destruction or harm to others were not the Americans that were trying to save the country.

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