The Left Hates Watching Trump Dance To Y.M.C.A

Trump dances to Y.M.C.A in front of thousands in his first rally since testing positive for coronavirus.

President Trump held a rally in Sanford, Florida Monday night in front of thousands of passionate supporters. Some of these supporters even waited 8 hours in 90 degree weather to see their president. This was Trump’s first rally since testing positive for the coronavirus. Throughout the event he displayed a very high level of energy, even telling everyone in the crowd he wanted to give them a “big fat kiss”.

In what was an obvious joke to anyone that doesn’t have a miserable life, the mainstream (fake news) media still twisted it to their narrative. A guest on CNN tried to make it appear that Trump was forcing kisses on people.

While we here at AFLOE will never fall to such a pathetic low, major networks like CNN and MSNBC continue to run 24/7 propaganda campaigns like this. As strong believers in freedom of speech, all we can do is educate the miseducated sheep who watch these networks.

During the rally Monday night Trump talked about beating the virus and how he feels invincible. To no surprise, the left took this as a sign of being “insensitive” and a disqualifier to run for president. It is a lose-lose situation for the president since the media will claim he either looks “insensitive” or “weak” depending how he acts.

At the end of the rally Trump treated the audience, and even the world, with what is becoming a common occurrence. Doing a little dance to the Y.M.C.A.

Maybe just maybe instead of talking about race and hate 24/7, the left could just jump in and dance with him. It would solve a lot of our worlds problems.

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