The Biden Blunder That Will Change The World

Joe Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal was the definition of incompetence and will plague the world for decades to come.
American Troops In Afghanistan

While the exact timing of the Afghanistan crisis was impossible to predict, the odds of an early Biden disaster were all but inevitable. But how didn’t everyone see it coming?

Biden is the same incompetent leader who spent four decades running his reputation and our country into the ground. It is the very reason why he failed every previous run for office. But time can heal many things when you have the media as your number one cheerleader ready to bury all of your old dirt at just the right time. When Obama said, “Don’t ever underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up,” he meant it. That says a lot coming from a man who spent eight years pulverizing the country himself. 

The majority of the left wanted to skim over the major red flags of Biden heading into the election. But this was going to come at a cost. Anyone with a functioning mind would have seen it coming, right? Trump spent years reducing our presence in the middle east while keeping stability throughout the region. Eighteen months with no American casualties was something to be proud of. Within weeks that all changed. Thursday’s tragic suicide bomb attack at the Kabul airport took the lives of thirteen brave American soldiers. That is the most significant number of American casualties in a single day since 2011.

Every step of the Biden administration’s withdrawal has been one failure after another. Over 76% of the country no longer trusts Biden’s ability to rescue Americans safely. And how could you blame them?

Biden continues to contradict his administration on many key areas, typically within hours of them speaking. In July, Biden stated that the Taliban would not retake Afghanistan if the US left because of how well prepared the Afghan army was. Last week he claimed there was no presence of Al-Qaeda or ISIS an hour before Pentagon press secretary John Kirby discussed the expanding presence of both groups. He assured us the military had the ability to rescue large amounts of stranded Americans the same day his own administration claimed that they do not have the capabilities to do such a thing. He said there there would be no situation where Americans would be airlifted off buildings. Biden’s plan for saving Americans was providing a list of every stranded American to the Taliban; I wonder what they will use that list for? The list also included information on Afghan soldiers who have helped us over the years. Trusting the Taliban with the lives of thousands of Americans is unacceptable and irresponsible.  

When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, much of the world watched in horror. But not everyone. China saw an opportunity to exploit America’s failures and continue its journey to becoming the world’s power. China has never played by the rules, and they have no plans starting now. China themselves aren’t far off from a dictatorship and have had no issues befriending ones worldwide. But why is China so interested in working with the Taliban? Given China’s treatment of Muslims in the Xinjiang region, you’d conclude they would be a sworn enemy of the Taliban. This IS the same country that has been locking up Muslims in concentration camps to “reeducate” them with Chinese propaganda.

The Taliban may not support the genocide, but they are seeking economic stability and legitimacy from a world power. China could be an essential piece for this goal. On the other hand, China sees an opportunity to grow its influence closer to Europe while also controlling the precious resources throughout Afghanistan. China made it clear to Taiwan that we will abandon them in the same way we left Afghanistan. At a time of diminished trust and outrage from our strongest allies worldwide, China is capitalizing by calling out America’s ongoing betrayal of allies. It has gotten to the point that European nations have discussed working with Russia over the United States on future operations. Without a sign of strength, competence, and transparency, the Biden administration will continue to send America deeper into turmoil. 

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