Only Fake Trump Supporters Will Boycott The Senate Runoff Election

A group of Trump supporters and Democrat trolls are trying to sabotage the country by throwing the senate runoff election.
Only Fake Trump Supporters Will Boycott The Senate Runoff Election

There has been a serious discussion among Trump supporters whether we should boycott the Senate runoff election. This line of thinking might be the most counterproductive thing I’ve ever witnessed outside of BLM burning down black-owned businesses. 

While David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler are far from perfect, they are certainly not Democrats. Neither of these candidates supports the radical leftist agenda their opponents are pushing. Our first line of defense as a nation is making sure these Socialist traitors never get power, and the only way to do that is by voting against them.

Some Trump supporters do not want to give the GOP their vote after many RINOs turned their back on him in the election fight. While this is true, the Republican party is no longer controlled by these types of sellouts. As each election cycle rolls around, more of the establishment GOP candidates will be replaced by the new Trump conservatives. 

Another major fear is voting on the same machines and using the same process that caused mass fraud in the November election. Some believe there is no point voting since Democrats will cheat anyway – but it is impossible to catch them cheating unless Republicans show up in record numbers. We can continue the election integrity battle and maybe even get better evidence if so many Republicans vote that it is impossible to cheat that much. There is no way to prove more fraud if no one votes.

Only Fake Trump Supporters Will Boycott The Senate Runoff Election

Instead of creating our own party, we should take over the Republican party and continue to let the left scare people away with their radical and rapidly progressing agenda. 

While I could write a book on how horrible Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are as people, I will keep it brief. Ossoff has pushed a blatant lie linking Loeffler to a KKK klansman, and Warnock has been accused of domestic abuse and child abuse. They both fit the current day Democrat mold perfectly, manipulative liars with questionable backgrounds. 

Trump’s Legacy

If Democrats gain control of the senate and successfully steal the presidency, they will have the ability to erase many of the successful policies that Trump has passed over the last four years. Trump remaining in office is important but preserving his policies when he leaves is almost as big of a deal.

Winning Georgia will be a major roadblock in the Democrat’s radical plans and will help protect American’s freedoms for years to come. Even if Trump can remain in office, giving the Democrats a Senate majority could set him up for another hoax impeachment, this time being outnumbered in the senate.

Who is boycotting?

While some real Trump supporters suggest this, the people primarily pushing this plan are Democrats trying to trick Republicans into not voting. If you look at many of the users saying that we must boycott to show our loyalty to Trump, many are Biden supporters trying to gain control.

This senate runoff election will change the country’s course forever, no matter what happens with the presidential election, and winning will be the first step to stopping the left’s radical plans.

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