Mother Tells Church Crowd That Her Child Now Identifies As A Female

As any sane person knows, changing your gender is not a real thing. People certainly can be born feeling different, but that doesn’t mean they can change their actual gender. The argument is made that gender is a social construct and can be changed, but we are talking about real gender. Many people are born with things they wish were different but can’t change.

If someone wants to refer to themselves as a different gender, go ahead. The issue is when you let a young child start “picking” their genders. Any parent who brings the idea up or makes a child question their gender should be charged with child abuse and have them taken away forever. Letting a child naturally grow up and realize they are different is okay. Making them feel like gender is a choice is not okay.

You can see the mother in this video pushing her child to make the announcement to everyone. Children this young should not be deciding a new gender, let alone having to announce it publicly. This type of abuse is becoming more and more common with leftist ideas gaining mainstream spotlight.

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