Left-Wing Antifa Extremists And Trump Supporters Get Into Brawl

A group of Antifa extremists get into a brawl with Trump supporters outside the Washington state capitol building today.

Many videos were posted of the incidents that occurred throughout the day and it is safe to say that Antifa is full of cowards. While Trump supporters showed up in baseball hats, Antifa decided it was necessary to wear armor.


The mainstream media will ignore the fact that one side showed up with armor and weapons and claim that Trump supporters were the violent ones. Luckily we have cameras and enough people who aren’t idiots that will watch all of the clips to come to a conclusion.

The west coast has become a hotbed of anti-American leftism, especially in Washington. These extremists have been spending months trying to intimidate Trump supporters and conservatives at any chance they can get.

In Biden’s America, these attacks on our values will only become more accepted and common.

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