Joe Biden Will Not Stop Lying. But That Is Nothing New.

As many know, Joe Biden has a long history of lying. As election day nears, his constant fabrications and falsehoods are starting to catch up on his campaign. Why does Joe Biden not care about lying when he claims he is trying to run as an image of honesty and integrity?

Biden has lied about banning fracking to environmentalists while telling energy workers he will not ban fracking. Biden lied over and over again about cutting social security years ago in the senate while Bernie repeatedly tried to give him a chance to apologize he still lied. Biden has claimed he would force a mask mandate until he realized it wasn’t constitutional, now keeps flip-flopping back and forth. Hunters involvement in Burisma was considered a major conflict of interest by everyone including mainstream media and members testifying under oath.

That was all before, now the media is avoiding all of these stories to help their desperate last-ditch effort to try to boost Biden into the presidency.

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