Joe Biden “Officially” Becomes President-Elect After California Certifies Election Results

Biden is now officially president-elect as California certifies their election results from the November 3rd presidential election.

After certifying their election results, California has officially put Joe Biden over the 270 threshold needed to become president. This ends the official battle against election fraud and now the Trump team may have to take more extreme measures to remain in office.

Democrats have been doing anything possible to speed up the transition processes to not allow the Trump team to properly investigate voter fraud allegations. This paired with the mainstream media denying and stuffing all evidence has made it difficult for Trump’s team to show their case to the nation.

Many people in our country believe the mainstream media’s deflection of facts and think there is no evidence of voter fraud. Even with mounting evidence, it is easy to do since they have a very gullible base of viewers willing to believe anything to increase their hate for Trump and our country.

The mainstream media spent four years spreading lies and false stories about Trump. If anyone believes they wouldn’t push a false narrative during the election, they are very naïve.

Out of all the corrupt Democratic states, it is fitting that California is the one that put Biden over the top. Gavin Newsom is probably very proud. Almost as proud as he has been while shutting down restaurants and then going out to eat at them himself.

If Trump wants to remain president he may have to do something that no president has ever done. Refuse to leave office. To many, this may seem like a crazy idea and that is because it is one. And what better person to pull off a crazy plan than Donald Trump? Having the support of over 74 million Americans, law enforcement, and much of the military would definitely give Trump the edge when it comes to power.

The only issue with this plan is that a lot of Trump’s supporters would jump ship at this point because many of the “fascist” claims by the left would indeed end up looking true. Trump does not look like he is intending a huge overthrow of the government, and that may be a good thing.

Even though a Biden presidency would be disastrous for our country, the damage of a civil war could be far worse. We may have to let the Democrats self-destruct and fail for a few years like during the Obama tenure.

Many are already speculating a 2024 run for Trump if he is still healthy. Coming of historic gains in minority populations and youth, he has all of the momentum in the world. Not one Republican nominee would be remotely close to Trump if the GOP primaries were held today. There is no indication anything would make Trump lose much support from now until the time he would start campaigning.

Trump is interested in buying a news network and could use it as a way to continue his campaign and build momentum. After the inauguration, Trump would only have to wait roughly two years until official campaigning would start. Many believe Trump will be too old, but he would be the same age as Joe Biden will be during his presidency. The difference between Trump and Biden is that one wasn’t stupid their whole life and doesn’t have dementia.

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