Is Trump Eyeing Vivek Ramaswamy for VP in 2024?

Former President Donald Trump's recent comments about considering Vivek Ramaswamy for VP have stirred media speculation. However, Trump's vague and strategic praise could be a move to neutralize his 2024 competition.

The media is buzzing with speculation that former President Donald Trump is considering Vivek Ramaswamy, a former biotech executive, as his vice-presidential pick for 2024.

However, a closer look at Trump’s comments reveals a more nuanced picture. While Trump praised Ramaswamy’s “talent,” his statements were vague and noncommittal, leaving room for various interpretations.

Trump’s praise could be a strategic move to neutralize his competition in the primaries by keeping them hopeful for a position in his administration.

Additionally, Trump’s cautionary advice to Ramaswamy about being “too controversial” suggests that he may see him as a liability rather than an asset.

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