Girl Scouts Bullied Into Deleting A Tweet Congratulating Amy Coney Barrett

The left attacked the Girl Scouts for congratulating Justice Barrett. So much for women's empowerment.

Liberal hypocrisy has been running rampant the past few years. These liberal lunatics got to show off their lack of brains again today when they attacked the Girl Scouts for congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett on her confirmation to the supreme court. This is the tweet that was later removed.

Not only did these “liberals” attack a women’s group for supporting a woman being successful, but the women’s group removed the tweet. The act of caving in to the mob and showing these young girls that they must listen to other people’s beliefs or get canceled is damaging in itself. The girl scouts themselves just posted days ago about fighting bullying, kind of ironic.

Many people on the left like to try to blame conservatives for women being held back but the only group of women that are actually held back are conservative women. These women are held back by a group of people who claim to support women’s rights then attack any woman that does not align with their political ideology. Women’s empowerment is supposed to be about empowering women to think for themselves and believe what they want to believe. Until this blatant hypocrisy stops, none of these groups or movements can be taken seriously.

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