Fragile Joe Biden Fractures Foot While Playing With His Dog

If we can't trust Joe Biden to play with his own dog, can we trust him to run our country?

If 2020 couldn’t get even more crazy, president-elect Joe Biden has already managed to break his foot trying to play with a dog.

After x-rays were taken it was discovered that Joe Biden has a hairline fracture and may have to wear a walking boot for a few weeks. Maybe he can make up a cool war story about how he jumped in a ravine and saved somebody heroically when he twisted his ankle. Nevermind, he already used that one.

While it is nothing serious, it does make you wonder how fragile the president-elect really is. Does Joe Biden and the Democrats actually believe he will make it until 2024 as president? These questions remain unanswered and will remain unanswered until the time has come. Democrats will be in no hurry to let the public know about their intentions since it will be used as ammunition against them. Why tell the truth when you can keep getting away with lying?

Every American should feel proud knowing 80 million people voted for a man who doesn’t know how to play with a dog without getting hurt. Maybe Biden is the one in need of the leash after all. Except it may already be too late as the democrats have already put it on him. Most Americans want a strong leader, not a leader who is fragile and can’t remember his own name. Trump tested positive for corona virus and was out rallying less than a week later.

The media is already going back to their pathetic Obama-era coverage where everything Democrats do is perfect and successful. Any mistake that is made will be ignored and they will get praise for non-existent accomplishments. At a time when Operation Warp Speed is breaking historic barriers for vaccine development and deployment time, the media is focusing on Biden’s ankle accident instead. They will do anything to suppress Trump’s success, even if it keeps hurting their credibility.

Biden has severe dementia and mental decline, and millions of people still voted for him. That is because of the mainstream media’s bias and constant lies to push their agenda. Luckily more and more people are waking up to what is being done in our country!

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