F*ck Joe Biden Chants Fill The Air As Americans Are Finally Fed Up

College stadiums erupt into "F*ck Joe Biden chants" during the first weekend of college football as Americans begin to show their frustration.
F*ck Joe Biden Chants Fill The Air As Americans Are Finally Fed Up

College football is back, and the first weekend of games showed us that our country still has some hope. Instead of the typical “USA” chants, college stadiums roared with “F*ck Joe Biden!” chants. Although I love USA chants, it was certainly a nice touch at a very needed time.
It’s undeniable that a large and growing number of Americans in our country are waking up to the failure that is Joe Biden. But, more importantly, they are making their voices heard, and they’re doing it in front of the whole country to see. This new trend is an absolute embarrassment for a candidate who ran his entire campaign on being “electable” and ending the division in our country.

F*ck Joe Biden Chants:




The chants weren’t exclusive to just football games. Many bars and concerts have also seen the chant make an appearance.


American’s Are Done With Fauci:

Not only did fans show their disapproval for Joe Biden, but they also showed that they are long over Fauci’s masks and mandates that have been crushing our country for over a year. Tens of thousands of students packed shoulder to shoulder for the first time in over 600 days, finally enjoying life and freedom. It’s a chilling sight to see. If Fauci had his way, these events would not be happening, at least without significant restrictions. Americans must continue to show Fauci that he is not going to restrict our freedoms anymore.

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Nun Yad Ambiz Ness
Nun Yad Ambiz Ness
12 days ago

These videos literally made my day!! LOVE IT!!

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