Disturbing Video Recaptures Joe Biden’s Past In Politics

As election day continues to rapidly approach, many folks are caught up in the whirlwind of negative ad campaigns and current news headlines. What many people either fail to remember or just weren’t old enough at the time to know, are some of the major headlines that have been swept under the rug about democrat nominee Joe Biden. Biden has spent a long 47 years in public office and has a lot of glaring issues, so why is it that the media will not bring any of these things up?

We know the answer, it wouldn’t fit their narrative. That’s why we created a 2 1/2 hour YouTube video covering many of Biden’s lies, corruption, touching of women and children, failures, and more. The best part about the video is that it contains no opinions or conspiracies. All of the clips are either of Biden talking, or reporting at the time from major news sources. The goal of this video is to show a side of Biden many people do not know exists. Too many people are going into the election blindly voting off of personalities when many don’t even know their candidate’s history. Biden was friends with segregationists, is on tape using the “N” word, signed the major crime bill that destroyed hundreds of thousands of African Americans lives for decades and bragged about it, failed miserably in foreign policy, even admitting that he was “not an expert on international trade matters”, pandered to the African American community for years even repeatedly lying to them during speeches saying he attended HBCUs that he never did, lied about his involvement in the civil rights movement, spent his career plagiarizing and never being original, has rapidly declining cognitive function, and a whole lot more that is shown throughout the video.

If you are voting this election exclusively to get Trump out because he is “racist and un-presidential”, just be aware you are voting for someone much worse. The issue with Biden is that he has been racist, corrupt, and creepy for 47 years while hiding it with a smile and nice words. Many Americans would rather have someone that will be rude to your face than someone that will stab you in the back. That is what the decision comes down to.

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