DHS Grapples with the Disappearance of 177,000 Illegal Aliens: Where Are They?

The DHS inspector general reveals that 177,000 illegal aliens released in the U.S. have disappeared, with many having invalid or non-existent addresses, posing potential national security risks.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inspector general has reported that 177,000 illegal aliens who were released into the U.S. have vanished.

Out of these, 54,000 had no addresses, while others had invalid or non-existent addresses. Some addresses were repeated multiple times, pointing to locations like restaurants, bus stations, and churches.

Without valid addresses, the DHS cannot notify these individuals of their immigration hearings or vet them for criminal activities. The report highlights that the inability to locate these migrants post-release poses potential threats to national security.

The Biden administration’s policies have been criticized for these lapses, with the administration releasing migrants without court dates and notices to report to an ICE office.

The DHS has stated that the onus is on the non-citizen to provide a valid address and has called for Congress to address the broken immigration system.

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