Democrats Add More Fuel To Raging Fire By Impeaching Trump

The Democrats push another meaningless impeachment to add more fuel to a raging fire, proving they never wanted unity.
Democrats Add More Fuel To Raging Fire By Impeaching Trump

Trump has just made history as the first president ever to be impeached twice. He also made history as the first president to be impeached purely based on his name.

Imagine spending your entire life in politics only to dedicate it to defeating one man. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ obsession with taking down Trump at any cost should trouble many Americans.

Democrats Add More Fuel To Raging Fire By Impeaching Trump

The same Democrats accusing Trump of inciting violence are the same ones encouraging the deadly riots and violence wreaking havoc on our nation since last spring.

This was never about protecting our nation. The establishment fears Trump and his populist movement. It hurts their fragile egos seeing someone so loved and supported, and all they want to do is stop it.

Nancy Pelosi has proven that this is all about optics and nothing more time and time again. What does ripping Trump’s speech in front of him do to help our country? Why does Pelosi find it necessary to have a specific outfit solely for Trump’s impeachments?

If this were truly about unity and helping our nation, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats would spend less time on optics and more time on making logical decisions.

The inauguration of Joe Biden is in six days, and at that time, Trump will be officially leaving office. Not only has an impeachment trial never been finished close to the speed that would be necessary, but impeaching Trump would only add more fuel to the same fire that caused the capitol to be stored.

With big tech’s censorship only getting scarier, many in our country are seeing their biggest fear unfold in front of their eyes. The loss of freedom of speech is something that no American will ever tolerate. Removing half of America’s right to free speech will only lead to much more violence down the road, and deservingly so.

America dies without freedom of speech – the fact that some communists in silicon valley can coordinate to eliminate free speech for the leader of the free world and half of the population is something out of a movie, not something that should happen in real life.

If the left continues this all-out attack on Americans’ freedoms, they are knowingly pouring fuel onto a raging fire. Isn’t that what Trump is being impeached for? What a surprise, Democrats being hypocritical. Something we have never seen before.

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