Dan Crenshaw Responds To Lin Wood’s Call To Boycott The Senate Runoffs

Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw called the pro-Trump lawyer L. Lin Wood a “Democrat” and a “grifter” after he told Georgia voters to boycott the Senate runoff elections at the start of next year.

Crenshaw accused Wood of wanting “donations for his legal fees” and for Republicans to self-destruct as the party desperately needs to hang onto its Georgia Senate seats and overall majority.

This battle is starting a war on social media with some Trump supporters siding with Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, calling Crenshaw a neocon. Others siding with Crenshaw believe they are destructive to the country and trying to sabotage the election.

The GOP lawmaker called out Wood after the lawyer told a “stop the steal” rally in Georgia that Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue had not earned their votes, before urging them to boycott the crucial upcoming Senate races.

This line of thought is insane since the boycott would give Democrats control of the Senate and allow them to push their radical agenda. Anyone who is planning to boycott the vote might as well register Democrat.

In response to a clip of Wood speaking at the rally, Rep. Crenshaw said: “Lin Wood is a Democrat that wants Republicans to self-destruct. Just because he wears a MAGA hat does not mean he shares a single value with you. He just wants your donations for his legal fees. He’s a grifter.”

Crenshaw also urged Georgians to vote at the Senate runoff elections on January 5 in order to “protect the accomplishments” of the past four years under President Donald Trump’s leadership.

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