Big Tech Thinks They Can Censor Trump. Good Luck With That.

Google looks like they are taking communist censorship to another level by marking the most used pro-Trump site as "hacked" to deter users.
Big Tech Thinks They Can Censor Trump. Good Luck With That.

On Saturday we reported that YouTube was removing all of Trump’s new uploads. Now Google (who owns YouTube) is also starting to double down on their censorship of pro-Trump websites and communities.

Some users on TheDonald.Win noticed an interesting message that displays under the site in the search results after using Google.

Below you can see the true extent to which Google manipulates search results. When trying to find evidence of voter fraud on Google, they would leave you to believe there was none. This is what they want and a major violation of freedom of speech.

Big Tech Thinks They Can Censor Trump. Good Luck With That.

Any logical person would prefer to see the evidence and decide for themselves rather than having someone else do it for them. But no one said these are logical people we are dealing with

Many on the left find pleasure in being told how to think and would give up their freedoms without question if the media told them to. This type of sheep mentality starts to corrode the very fabric that holds our country together and makes us the greatest country on earth. The media wants you to believe that they have your best interests when, in reality, they are political machines optimized to profit.

I find it ironic how the left will always talk about corruption between corporations and government while naively assuming the same thing doesn’t happen with mainstream media. If anything, media has the most value for politicians to manipulate since it can decide the election’s outcome and give them a life of power. 

Good Luck

This doubling down on their censorship of Trump is only going to backfire. No matter who is in office a month from now, the gains Trump made will not be going anywhere. There has been a great awakening of the people, and more patriots of all ages and races continue joining the fight for freedom.

For example, Trump’s movement has caused Fox News to go from king of the hill to almost irrelevant in a month. While many may not realize it yet, Trump will be calling the shots for years to come. The GOP has fed off historic gains among minorities and youth this past election due to Trump’s online presence and outreach.

The Republican party can either become the party of Trump or revert to the overly successful days of McCain and Mitt Romney *cough* *cough*. Abandoning Trump and his movement is a party suicide and something our country can not afford. If Republican politicians do not continue Trump’s legacy and fight for the people, we will no longer tolerate them and promptly end their careers.

No other president has ever had the type of backing and support to supersede the party itself, but Trump isn’t any other president. Trump will be leading this movement until his last day on earth, and even after that, I wouldn’t underestimate the power of the 75+ million patriots ready to carry on his legacy. 

Google can go back to their censorship and sleep peacefully knowing they are adding to the fire and exposing their true agenda. If they continue to censor Trump sites they will only open more people’s eyes to the corruption going on around the world.

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