Biden’s Maryland Speech Was A Complete Disaster Filled With Lies

Biden’s Maryland speech:

    • Unexpected outbursts and whispers during his Maryland speech.
    • Mentioned a choice between “Bidenomics” and “MAGAnomics,” later referred to as “Meganomics.”
    • Comments on African Americans, Hispanic workers, and veterans without high school diplomas.
    • Struggles with the teleprompter, mentioning “MAGA Republicans” and the G7.
    • Claims of teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, but reportedly never taught a class despite a $1M payment.
    • Controversial statements about cutting the federal deficit and tax promises. Moody’s Analytics suggests higher deficits under his administration.
    • Talks about reducing gas prices, despite a rise since his tenure began.
    • Expressed hesitation in taking questions and appeared confused while exiting the stage.
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