Biden’s Economy Means People Aren’t Interested In Jobs

Disappointing August jobs numbers prove Biden's economy is a disaster that rewards those who don't work.
Biden’s Economy Means People Aren’t Interested In Jobs

The August jobs report was disappointing, just like Joe Biden himself. Job growth fell by more than half and was a mere one-third of expectations. This was in part due to COVID concerns but also our current “leadership’s” ineptitude. Some people may even call this an accomplishment, that “people” is Joe Biden and his regime.

The main issue is that we don’t have enough adults in the workforce. Why is this? Government welfare policies are keeping Americans — millions — from taking jobs.

Here is what we know: There are between 5 million and 6 million unemployed Americans across the country, but also an all-time record of 10.1 million job openings. These include construction, warehousing and retail, manufacturing, trucking, logistics, business services, and other areas. Furthermore, these aren’t “dead end” or even minimum-wage jobs in most cases. For example, truck drivers and open factory jobs can pay between $50,000 and $100,000 per year, with benefits.

But economist Casey Mulligan of the University of Chicago has determined that when including all government benefits, a family of four with two unemployed parents in high welfare-benefit states like New York and Connecticut can receive up to $100,000 in cash, food stamps, and other benefits.

Why should you work? Workers might see a drop in income if they return to work.

Now, it is almost as if Washington is intentionally discouraging work — even though COVID’s worst is behind us. For example, Biden recently recommended that states like New York and New Jersey with high unemployment rates continue to extend bonus unemployment benefits for more months past the Labor Day deadline. Biden also increased the number of food stamps by 25%.

There is another problem facing employers and workers. Inflation is running ahead of wages. Even though wages have risen by 4 percent, the cost to live rose by more than that. As a result of massive government borrowing and the printing of multi-trillions dollars of money to finance the Washington spending spree, workers’ paychecks are shrinking. This means that prices for everything from gas to food to tickets to the airport go up each week.

Following the disappointing news, Joe Biden went on the stump Friday to urge Congress to pass his $4.5 billion debt bill and $2 trillion tax increase. But, unfortunately, this would increase taxes on the working class, fuel inflation, and cost our children trillions more. And despite his promises, most of the bill’s spending has nothing to do with job creation.

Conservatives and many progressive Democrats have advocated for a policy of “make working pay” for years. Instead, we now have a federal and state policy that “makes not working pay.” And that is why small business employers can’t get workers back on the job and will continue to struggle until we have real leadership back in the White House.

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Joe Realistic
Joe Realistic
2 months ago

“Conservatives and many progressive Democrats have advocated for a policy of “make working pay” for years.” I almost choked on my breakfast reading this claim. If this is even remotely factual, why do you twits fight a $15 minimum wage-still below the poverty line-tooth and nail? GTFO

Joseph Blutarsky
Joseph Blutarsky
2 months ago
Reply to  Joe Realistic

How is a 15 dollar min wage going to get all those lazy asses of their couch and to work. Hell, they aren’t getting off the couch for more than that at this moment. We cannot hire workers for 16 to 19 an HR in a low cost of living area.

The minimum wage act is a joke when considering county government in our area pays 17 hr for positions requiring 4 yr degrees and cost of college. A complete farse. That’s something needing changing but nobody talks about that because they are big multi million dollar businesses, not about an education.

Flipping burgers or working the register isn’t a long term plan, it’s a place to start, nor is requiring mom and pop businesses to pay 15 or more. There’s no single answer to every issue. If somebody can only flip a burger, they may need to accept that. I want to be a movie star and make millions but I realize that is not in the cards and I know that I want to make millions, I need to work harder, multiple jobs or find another way.

These one size fits all laws are BS. How do small businesses get lumped in with the McDonalds of the world? Complete idiotic logic. If the government wants to stick their nose in the wage issue,come up with a realistic tiered wage act so that small biz isn’t getting the shaft every time.

When you and those like you open your own average small business, talk all you care to but until then, you’re talking out your ass.

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