Biden’s Border Crisis Is About To Spiral Out Of Control

Hundreds of thousands of migrants are heading towards the southern border as numbers already hit record highs.
Biden’s Border Crisis Is About To Spiral Out Of Control

Biden Surrendered The U.S. Border

After an indirect invitation from Joe Biden, hundreds of thousands of migrants make their way to the United States-Mexico border. 

This year alone, the number of migrants at the border has already surpassed any previous year, and October just started. 

Authorities from the Bahamas and Cuba have even arrested hundreds of Haitians trying to reach the United States by sea vessels.

In recent weeks alone, 30,000 Haitians sought asylum in America by crossing the border to Mexico. Out of that number, only 5,000 Haitians have been expelled by U.S. authorities.

The International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas has become a camping ground for tens of thousands of migrants looking to enter the country and the federal government isn’t doing anything to help the state.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas admitted that over 10,000 Haitians have already been released into the country with no end in sight. 

Haiti is an impoverished country ravaged by gang crime and corruption. They just experienced a presidential assassination and another devastating earthquake that leveled much of the country. 

While you should feel for their struggles, Haiti is a country of 11 million, and most of the country would move to America in a heartbeat if they could. We can’t afford to let everyone enter, especially with all of the issues already facing American citizens. 

Not only does America have a process for becoming a citizen, but we are also currently in a pandemic. The same pandemic that Americans are being forced from their jobs and getting stripped of their freedoms

The Biden administration has already acknowledged they do not test every migrant coming in for covid before releasing them into our communities. And there is certainly no way to know which ones are child sex traffickers, drug dealers, or have a violent past. 

The media spent years attacking Trump for his border policies but have gone quiet when those very same policies have been used under the Biden administration.

The most notable example was the “kids in cages.”

What the media conveniently leaves out was that Democrats built those cages in 2014 during the Obama administration. Not only that, but Obama himself was involved in the decision to implement the cages. 

Now we have a historic number of children squeezed into those same cages during a global pandemic, yet the media doesn’t say a word. 

The media will only bash conservatives who refuse to get the vaccine and ignore that the African American community is the most vaccine-hesitant group in the country. It doesn’t fit their narrative. 

Remember, unvaccinated people are more of a threat than letting tens of thousands of people from other countries experiencing different variants pour in. So they say.

The humanitarian threat at the border is far greater now than at any point under Trump, and that’s undeniable. 

Biden’s DHS Secretary Mayorkas even bragged about rescinding almost all of Trump’s border policies. 

Yes, that’s right, he is bragging about his border policies while the border is spiraling out of control. It’s equivalent to bragging about how good of a plumber you are while your client’s house fills up with sewage. Unfortunately, that’s where the Biden administration is at right now. 

Trump’s Border Success

Although Trump’s border policies were demonized by the left, they were very successful. One of the most critical parts of securing any border is deterring people from swarming it in the first place. The way to deter is by enforcing strict policies and making it clear that strong borders are a priority.

When Joe Biden took office in January, millions took it as their opportunity to get an easy pass into the United States. This proves how powerful just words alone can be in securing a nation’s borders. 

The problem is that our current president won’t even make the trip to visit the border, let alone take control of the situation. It is reported that Biden has never once been to the U.S.- Mexico border, even while he was a senator. At least we got someone “presidential,” I guess?

The Incoming Wave

Current estimates believe that over 400,000 migrants will move north through Mexico towards the border when Title 42 is lifted in the coming days. Title 42 allowed the United States to expel many asylum seekers due to the covid pandemic. If these numbers materialize, the United States will face a border crisis that the country may never see again. Border apprehensions are already at an all-time high, but those numbers will pale in comparison to the incoming wave. As long as we have a weak leader like Joe Biden in office, the security of our country will be in jeopardy. 

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