Biden Attacks American’s Freedoms With New Vaccine Mandate

Many American's will be forced to quit their jobs as a result of the Biden administration's unconstitutional power grab.
Biden Attacks American’s Freedoms With New Vaccine Mandate

After years of many being brainwashed by the media into believing Trump was a dictator, Americans finally saw an actual dictator in action. During his speech on Thursday, Joe Biden announced his administration’s new unconstitutional plans requiring businesses to comply with vaccine mandates for all employees. Many American’s will be forced to quit their jobs as a result of the Biden administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

The sweeping new order will require businesses to force their employees to get vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID testing, which will be too costly for many businesses. This will force companies to require vaccination to limit costs while allowing the government to claim they gave them a “choice” for testing. 

Not only is the new mandate unconstitutional, but many of the figures promoting these restrictions were once against them and assured us they would never become a reality. This makes you wonder who really is making the decisions for our country? 

The emergency rule will impact approximately 80 million private-sector employees. Companies that don’t comply will face $14,000 fines. The Wall Street Journal reports that co-workers will likely be the ones to police the law, cultivating workplace hostility. 

“We’ve been patient,” insisted Biden, “but our patience is wearing thin.”

The announcement was met by immediate fierce backlash from many Governors and lawmakers, calling the measures completely unconstitutional while vowing to fight them. FL Gov. Ron DeSantis, TX Gov. Greg Abbott, SD Gov. Kristi Noem, AZ Gov. Doug Ducey, ex-vice president Mike Pence, and other high profile representatives responded on Twitter.

The order is initially limited to businesses with over 100 employees. Still, just like every other covid measure, it’s only a matter of time until it’s expanded to all small employers and other areas of life. (The Small Business Administration generally defines a small business as an employer with fewer than 500 employees.) 

The mandate may also be expanded in the future to require businesses to police their customers’ vaccination status — as is already the case for certain Canadian Provinces and countries in Europe.

There is also a discussion of whether the Biden administration will ban unvaccinated American’s from interstate travel, including domestic flights. 

The failed Biden administration is setting itself up for failure again by pushing measures that will only cause more division and anger, as seen in many countries worldwide. Measures like this have been enacted in other countries and were met with serious and sometimes violent opposition.

While American’s freedoms are under siege, there is one particular group of people who are exempt from all covid measures, and those are the migrants at the southern border. 

When Press Secretary Jen Psaki was questioned about why the migrants didn’t need to undergo the same covid procedures as Americans, she responded “correct” before skipping to the next question.

Modern-Day Segregation

Mainstream media tries to blame unvaccinated Trump supporters for the surges in cases while conveniently ignoring that the African American community has the lowest vaccination rates. They also ignore low youth vaccination rates in general. If the media cared about vaccination rates and not their narrative, they would stop focusing on only one group of people. Instead, they want something to blame Trump and his supporters for since he is no longer in office.

Maybe many Americans are hesitant about the vaccine because the same leaders telling us to take it now are the same people who said they would never trust it less than a year ago.  

After being promised that the vaccine would bring things back to normal, Americans have realized that isn’t the case. The goalposts are constantly shifting, and Fauci is getting caught in a new lie every week. Recent headlines say that states may go back to mask mandates even with a large majority of the population being vaccinated. This isn’t what we were initially told. 

Many on the left celebrated Biden’s announcement, including CNN’s medical analyst Leana Wen, who called for the unvaccinated to be completely alienated from all parts of society — so they can understand that the vaccine comes with “privileges.” The privileges she’s referring to are American’s constitutional rights and are not bound to injecting experimental gene-mutating drugs into your body.

Far left-wing propagandist Joy Reid is celebrating the new mandate stating Americans have a choice to get vaccinated or “stay home and do your own research and still get covid and clog up an ICU.”

This is the modern-day version of segregation where the left believes they have an opportunity to remove anyone from our society who disagrees with them. This thinking is dangerous but not surprising from a group filled with derangement, delusions, and corruption. 

Someone even managed to get a bunch of fascists to sign a petition to jail anti-vaxxers. Sounds pretty familiar to a particular time in Germany. 

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