AFLOE Launches New Social Media Alternative For Conservatives

We need help spreading the news about our new social media platform. Sign up to join the newest conservative community.

We are excited to announce the launch of the official social media platform on AFLOE’s site. AFLOE Social is similar to Facebook, without having to deal with Mark Zuckerberg controlling what you post. You can share status updates, follow users, add friends, message users, reply to posts with images and videos, create groups, and much more. We need feedback to fix any issues that the platform may have in its early stages.

Please help share this article around on Facebook and other social media sites to help get the community active. We will make a difference if we build a big enough coalition. At a time many people are looking for a place to spread information, we think the platform will be beneficial. Below is a look at the profile section of our site.

If you would like to support our site and join the newest conservative social media platform, click the link below!

Sharing our articles helps AFLOE survive and thrive. Thank you for reading.

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