AFLOE Is Looking For Writers And Content Aggregators

AFLOE is looking for Americans dedicated to fighting for what's right and defending our country from socialism.

AFLOE is looking for Americans dedicated to fighting for what’s right and defending our country from socialism.

At the moment, AFLOE is run entirely by one person. This makes it difficult to cover everything that we should be covering. We currently average around 2,000 visitors per day, and keeping the site updated and optimized for these users in itself takes many hours. 

We are currently looking for help in these various areas related to content production.

Content Aggregator/Tips

We need help finding the big stories as they happen. Content aggregators send breaking news stories cited from other networks and help us break the news as soon as it happens. If you love digging up information, you may perfect for this position. If you are not part of the team, but there is a major story you believe we should cover, please let us know by sending a tip.


We are looking for writers with a deep understanding of current-day politics and a passion for our country. Much of the writing will be opinion-based pieces about current stories, while others will be factual and objective. No prior experience is required, although you have to prove you can write well and be knowledgeable. 

New Conservative News Empire 

We are working on another bold project that is being kept under wraps at the moment, unrelated to AFLOE. While we can’t reveal much at the moment, we would like anyone interested in running or helping manage a conservative news site to contact us.

Sharing our articles helps AFLOE survive and thrive. Thank you for reading.

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Our mission is to expose many of the misconceptions that are spread around left-wing media. We believe in high quality and relevant content. While we understand emotions are important, we believe logic and facts should be the main factor used to determine policy.
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