AFLOE Is Excited To Announce Upcoming Show And Podcast

We will be producing an official show and podcast for our viewers that will cover the latest stories and topics in our country.

AFLOE has bold plans and needs you to make them a reality. We are planning to produce a full news show (having live segments at certain hours) to cover the biggest stories of the day. We are also launching a podcast for our viewers where we will discuss the most important issues our country faces.

We also have made some major changes to our website including a fully functioning social media platform and aesthetic upgrades. Along with the upgrades to this site, we also launched a fun site called Quid Pro Quo Joe.

We appreciate the support and people sharing our articles around, it is the only way we can grow. If we continue to gain support, these goals will be more achievable and we will be able to put more into the production of our content.

If you have not joined our social media network yet, we would love to see you join. It works similarly to other social media platforms and is a place for conservatives to post uncensored content and interact. We need all of the real Americans we can get, click below to join for free!

Sharing our articles helps AFLOE survive and thrive. Thank you for reading.

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Americans For Logic Over Emotions

We hope you enjoy this article. If you do, don't hesitate to share it as it helps us grow. Thank you!

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Our mission is to expose many of the misconceptions that are spread around left-wing media. We believe in high quality and relevant content. While we understand emotions are important, we believe logic and facts should be the main factor used to determine policy.
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